We have a multi purpose hall for school assemblies, physical education classes, school dances, movies, theater and other performances.

The playground in our school offers a variety of activities for students, such as running, jumping, climbing, playing ball games, and doing outdoor activities.

Our school has a library with many books that offers writing assistance to help students develop their writing skills.

We have a physics laboratory in which students perform experiments to limit fundamental constants, test physical models, and establish system attributes.

Our students conduct experiments to test the properties of various chemicals. They analyze and interpret the results of the experiments in our chemistry laboratory.

Our students analyze the results of experiments with different living organisms in the biology laboratory.

Students can learn about setting up computer networks, configuring system security settings and basic software applications in our computer laboratory.

Students can advance their mathematical knowledge and abilities with the assistance of our mathematical laboratory.

Our music programme emphasizes instrumental music. The school offers many instruments to meet student’s musical ambitions.

Choreography and awareness of folk, classical, and contemporary dance forms are all included in our dance curriculum.

Artmaking can boost student’s self-esteem as they experiment with new materials, methods, and ideas.