Mathematical Laboratory

Mata Nand Kaur Public School has a dedicated mathematical laboratory for students who are passionate about mathematics. The laboratory is well-equipped with the latest technology and teaching aids. The objective of our laboratory is to help students understand different concepts of mathematics in a practical way. It is a place where students can explore and discover the world of mathematics.


The laboratory has different activities, such as puzzles and games, which help students understand the application of mathematical concepts. It also has different teaching aids like calculators, graphs, charts, etc., which help students visualize mathematical concepts.


The mathematical laboratory also has a library section which contains a collection of books and articles related to mathematics. Here, students can find information about different topics related to mathematics. They can also access various websites and videos related to math.


The laboratory also provides activities and experiments for students to explore the different aspects of mathematics. These activities are designed to help students build a strong foundation in mathematics.


The mathematical laboratory helps students become independent learners and problem-solvers. It also helps them develop the ability to think logically and critically. 

maths lab