Biology Laboratory

The biology laboratory at Mata Nand Kaur Public School is a place of discovery and learning for all the students. It is a well-equipped facility that provides students with the resources to explore the fascinating world of Biology. Our biology laboratory has microscopes, slides, and specimens that allow students to observe and examine the details of living organisms like plants and animals. Our laboratory also provides students with a variety of materials to perform experiments and hands-on activities.


The school’s biology laboratory is designed to help students learn more about the structure and function of living organisms. It has a variety of materials and equipment to help students explore the various aspects of life science. The laboratory contains a variety of specimens like leaves, flowers, and seeds for students to observe the structures of plants. It also has a variety of slides, beakers, and test tubes for carrying out experiments.


Our biology laboratory also has a variety of equipment for students to study the anatomy of animals and humans. Students can use a variety of models and skeletons to understand the structure of animals and humans. They can also use slides to observe the microscopic details of cells and tissues. In addition, the laboratory also has a variety of materials related to genetics that students can use to explore the principles of heredity.

biology lab