Computer Laboratory Systems

Mata Nand Kaur Public School is well-equipped with modern computers and a computer laboratory. The school has installed high-end computers to critique the latest hardware and software configurations. The computer laboratory is equipped with the latest multimedia projectors, audio systems, printers, scanners and high-speed internet connection.


The computer laboratory is designed according to the latest international standards, with ample space, bright lighting, and comfortable seating arrangements. The layout of the laboratory is kept simple yet elegant so that students can be comfortable while using the computers.


Our school’s computer laboratory is well-stocked with the latest computer software and applications. Students can use computers to learn and explore new technologies, access the internet, and develop new skills. It also helps students to develop their creativity and critical thinking skills.


The school also has a team of qualified computer instructors who provide guidance and support to the students in using the computers. The teachers also help the students to learn the basics of computer programming, website designing and graphics designing. The computer laboratory also has a variety of educational games which are used for teaching different topics.


The school takes regular feedback from the students to ensure that the computers are working properly and the software is up-to-date.

computer lab