Art Room

Mata Nand Kaur Public School is privileged to have an art room for all the creative minds out there. This art room is a place for students to express their creativity and explore their artistic potential. It is a place where students can come together to explore different mediums of art, experiment with different techniques and create beautiful pieces of art.


The art room is equipped with all the necessary supplies and materials like paints, brushes, canvases, clay, and other art-related things. It is also equipped with a computer and printer so that the students can print out the projects they have worked on.


Our art room provides a safe and relaxed atmosphere for the students to express their creativity and explore their artistic abilities. In the art room, the students are guided by an art teacher who provides them with the necessary guidance, techniques, and tips to make the most of their creativity.


The school’s art room also provides an opportunity for learning and sharing. Every month, the art teacher organizes a special art and craft activity for the students. The students can work together and share their ideas and experiences with each other.


The art room is also a place where the students can showcase their work and get recognition and appreciation from their peers. 

art room