Instrumental Music Room

Mata Nand Kaur Public School, with its commitment to providing quality education and promoting the arts, has recently set up an instrumental music room. The room is designed to help students develop their music skills, as well as provide a comfortable and inspiring environment for them to practice and perform. 


The music room consists of several key elements, including an array of instruments for students to play. The school has provided a full range of instruments, from classical instruments like the violin and piano to modern instruments like electric guitar and drums. There is also a wide selection of percussion instruments, including the djembe, Cajon, and congas.


In addition to instruments, the room also features soundproof walls, professional audio equipment, and a recording booth. This allows students to practice and record their music without disrupting the rest of the school. The school also plans to install a live streaming system, allowing students to perform live with friends and family.


To ensure that students can practice safely, the school has provided an in-room instructor and music theory classes. The instructor will help students learn the basics of music, as well as teach them how to properly use the instruments. 

Music Room